China Financial Information Network Privacy Policy

This privacy policy indicates the privacy policy of China Finance Information Network, This clause will let you know: the collection of private information and third-party private documents; the situation and application of the department that collects this information, and who the information is shared with; how you can modify uncertain information, etc.

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Information Gathering

The main area of China Financial Information Network is to report real-time financial news and stock market quotes. We believe that protecting personal privacy on the Internet requires ethical awareness and induction. From the beginning, we worked hard to protect personal privacy. We can guarantee that we will never sell or rent to others the use of the information presented here. In order to transmit the reference information required by the user, we require the user to provide some contact methods (such as: name, email, etc.) so that they can directly contact the customer in the event of a failure. China Finance Network hereby declares that it will never collect or store any private document data or other sensitive and controversial information.

We share certain statistics with our partners, but this does not mean that such information will be provided to private or independent individuals who will never hold, retain or use personally identifiable information for other non-service purposes. Only when our users have other service requirements, we will give their personal contact information to a third party and make it available as soon as possible. In addition, it will never be used in other ways.

Although we have links to other websites, we are not responsible for the privacy protection of such websites. We hope that after leaving our website, users can read the privacy protection provisions of each website about personally identifiable information. The descriptions here are for our website only. We will take precautions to protect your personal information whether online or offline.

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If this privacy clause is modified, we will make a statement on the website to inform users of the collection, use and other circumstances of the information. If we need to use the user's personal information in other places that are not stated, we will notify the user as soon as possible and respect your Choice. If you have any questions, please call: 0086-02785494269